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Micro Ladybug Cardigan

Micro Ladybug Cardigan



5mm x 5 mm
Hand Knit Silk


This tiny cardigan was knit on 10/0 needles and fine silk thread.  Yes, those are inset pockets!  


To create my knitted pieces, I design my own original patterns and then use my own hand-made knitting needles that I make from surgical stainless steel.  I use fine cotton or silk thread to knit with.  If there are buttons on the piece-they work.  If there are pockets--they are real.  Socks have turned heels, gloves have fingers so small they are too big for a grain of rice. All aspects of my work is meant to be as "real" as possible.  Please feel free to email me at with any further questions.

I do not accept returns however I will send as many additional photos as you request so that you can be sure you are getting what you want. 

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