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Artist Statement

My path to becoming what some refer to as an “extreme knitter” began in college where I studied to become a respiratory therapist. Knitting provided a much needed artistic respite from the very science oriented field I had decided to make my career. In 2000, after giving birth to triplets, I rediscovered another passion that had lain dormant since childhood—my fascination with miniatures. I began to build a dollhouse for my children but discovered that it was not the structure that intrigued me but rather the potential to create an alternate universe within a small space. Not long after that, my love of knitting merged with my fascination with miniatures and a new and thrilling art form emerged for me—miniature knitting!


As my skills with the tiny silk threads and my home-made stainless steel needles improved, I began incorporating portraits and images into my knitting, creating detail with over 80 stitches to the inch. These works were inspired by my small collection of antique portrait miniatures, antique beadwork and my love for art and nature. I am a storyteller at heart and I find that using a garment as a canvas adds an animated dimension to an otherwise dormant object. By making the image wrap around a garment, the viewer is compelled to orbit the piece and experience it from seam to seam, following a theme from one side to the other.


In my work you will see tradition and innovation combining and merging in surprising ways. As a miniaturist I have learned the importance of proper scale; as a knitter I have come to respect the art of traditional technique and pattern design. Every one of my knitted miniatures is rooted in tradition, but none are mere replicas of existing patterns or styles. It is with a spirit of continued curiosity and a desire to create new and original pieces that I will continue to pursue my love of knitting within the limitless possibilities of this miniature scale.



     ~Althea Crome 

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