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Laika Studios


Althea Crome talks about the small sweaters and gloves that she knits for the movie Coraline

February, 2009

Tiny Stitches

The Weekly Special

The Weekly Special looks back at one of our favorite Expressions pieces, and perhaps one of the tiniest! We join Althea Crome to learn more about her miniature creations, from tiny socks to detailed sweaters.

June, 2007

Greek Amphora II.jpg


Tiny knitting for very very small people

December, 2013

Media Coverage

Althea Indy Star.jpg

Indy Star

How an Indiana artist made a big career out of teeny sweaters and elfin gloves


Shari Rudavsky 

Nov. 10, 2017

Pocket Museum Exhibit

Houston Center for Contemporary Craft

Pocket Museum

Althea Crome on Storytelling Through Knitting & Our Cultural Fascination With Miniatures

March 14, 2017



These tiny knitted garments are smaller than a fingernail 

Dec 30, 2016


Daily Mini

Miniature Knitting by Althea Crome


Interview with Althea Crome 

July 2015

City Country Socks.jpg

Indiana Public Media


Seventy Stitches To The Inch: Althea Crome's Tiny Knits

By Mia Partlow

February 14, 2012

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