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Fisherman's Vest

Fisherman's Vest


Fisherman's Vest

Materials: Cotton thread with wood buttons

Guage 38 stitches per inch

Dimensions: 1.5” x 1.65”

*Displayed on hand blown glass form and brass rod


The Fisherman’s sweater, also known as an Aran Cabled sweater, originated on the west coast of Ireland in the Aran Isles.  The many interwoven designs on these garments are not merely decorative—they are symbolic and specific to the life of a fisherman and sometimes to the family clan itself.  It is said that ill-fated Fisherman who washed ashore after a shipwreck could often be identified by the unique designs on their cabled sweaters.


The traditional motifs including the basic cable stitch, which depict the fisherman’s ropes and represents a wish for a fruitful day at sea. The diamond pattern is a wish of success, wealth and treasure. The moss stitch, on the back of the vest, represents the seaweed used to fertilize barren fields in the hopes of producing a bountiful harvest.


To create my knitted pieces, I design my own original patterns and then use my own hand-made knitting needles that I make from surgical stainless steel. I use fine cotton or silk thread to knit with. If there are buttons on the piece, they work. If there are pockets, they are real. Socks have turned heels, gloves have fingers so small they are too big for a grain of rice. Every aspect of my work is meant to be as real as possible. Please feel free to email me at with any further questions.

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