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Micro Sweater Earrings

Micro Sweater Earrings




SILK THREAD, glass, cut crystal, silver

5mm x 5mm


You may have diamonds, pearls and rubies, but there is only one pair of these in the world!  These tiny sweaters were incredibly difficult to make.  They are knit on 10/0 needles using fine silk thread.  There are 7 shades of grey/black/white in the ombre patterned sweater.  The other sweater has four colors making up a diamond pattern.  Both are knit in traditional methods using a magnifying glass.  They are set in hand blown glass globes which are 20 mm diameter.  All findings are made with sterling silver.


To create my knitted pieces, I design my own original patterns and then use my own hand-made knitting needles that I make from surgical stainless steel.  I use fine cotton or silk thread to knit with.  If there are buttons on the piece-they work.  If there are pockets--they are real.  Socks have turned heels, gloves have fingers so small they are too big for a grain of rice. All aspects of my work is meant to be as "real" as possible.  Please feel free to email me at with any further questions. 

I do not accept returns however I will send as many additional photos as you request so that you can be sure you are getting what you want. 

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