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Althea photo front-cropped
Althea photo back-cropped
Althea photo side-cropped
Althea photo back in hand-1040945 copy

The Nativity II is a small-scale conceptual cardigan inspired by a 16th century altarpiece painted by Gerard David entitled: The Nativity with Donors and Saints Jerome and Leonard.

Each of the over 50,000 stitches have been hand knit, using over 70 individual colors of fine silk thread to create the complex design. Knitting needles made with  0.015" surgical stainless steel wires and high powered  magnification allowed for a gauge of 64 stitches/inch--giving as as much detail as possible while still keeping  it within a 1/12th scale.

​The arch of the collar and at the top of the sleeves as well as the complex cabled knots that run the length of the sleeves represent the architectural vaulting and design elements of 16th century Netherlandish cathedrals. The tiny cabling under the sleeves hinge the front panels to the back and the buttons bands and hem frame the knitted triptych.

Twelve hand-turned 18K gold shank buttons adorn the front.

The Nativity II is part of the permanent collection at the Kaye Savage Browning Miniatures Collection in Maysville, 

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